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Wafer Al-Tamioz” Company was able to become one of the leading companies in providing“security, military services, equipment and solutions in KSA, and to achieve a leading position
in providing integrated solutions for security and military systems, as well as providing repair and maintenance services
Since the establishment of the company, we have been following the highest quality and efficiency standards in the implementation and execution of our projects and serving our customers in line with our mission to achieve our strategic vision and the aspirations of our
customers We direct all our capabilities to achieve and satisfy the standards that were put forward within the framework of the KSA Vision 2023

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We Care

We Care About The Future Of The Kingdom. We Care About The Work We Do And The People We Work With.

We Get It Done

We Are Humble And Always Ready To Find Solutions And Make An Impact.

Our Ambitious

We Are Passionate About Doing Things Better Every Day And Inspire Others To Drive Change.

We Do It Right

We Take Pride In How We Do Things We Uphold High Standards And Deliver On Our Promises.

Our Mission

To continuously work on the development and diversification of
the services provided by aligning our business strategies with
the requirements and priorities of our clients. This is achieved by appointing specialized competencies in line with our ambitious vision

Our Vision

Wafer Altamioz” to be the leading provider for security, military and civil protection“ systems solutions and technologies in KSA

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Our Services

We provide a wide range of integrated solutions and
services in the fields of security, military, and civil protection in collaboration and integration with our local and all over the world

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Our Products

We are committed and very keen to provide the highest quality standards in
after-sales services and maintain constant communication with our customers to
ensure their satisfaction and the continuity of positive outcomes in everything we
offer. This is achieved through adhering and complying to our policy by implementing
periodic maintenance standards and procedures, maintaining and providing
consumables and spare parts on a continuously. We also focus on ensuring that
technical support services are available and continuous.

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