GDA - Explosives

Dangerous Substances Solutions

The GDA-X is the newest addition to our successful GDA series. The GDA-X has the same scope of work as the GDA-FR, which is able to detect chemical substances and dangerous gaseous compounds, with an improved mode of operation for detecting slow-evaporating substances including many explosives. The explosive detection mode of the GDA-X provides a quick analysis of samples which are taken with a special wipe sampling pad from suspicious items within a few seconds. For this mode the X-TOOL is attached to the front in which slow-evaporating substances desorb into gaseous state for analysis. Furthermore there is an additional equipment option for the GDA-X: a X-ray and gamma detector (Geiger counter). This upgrade mainly serves to prevent human losses during nuclear events. By upgrading the GDA-X with the Geiger counter detection of high-energy radiation (X- and γ-radation) as well as a broad range of dangerous substances with only a single analytical instrument is possible. Our GDA-X instruments are mostly used at major events, including the Turin Winter Olympic Games in 2006, the 2007 G8 Summit at Heiligendamm, Expo China 2010, the Sochi Olympic Winter Games in 2014, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup, ensuring the safety of participants and visitors.

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