GDA - First Response

Dangerous Substances Solutions

Portable detector for first response units offering detection and identification of chemical hazardous gases results within seconds Due to its unique patented combination of different sensors the GDA-FR is able to detect and identify a very broad range of chemical substances in the range ppm – ppb. The GDA-FR comprises a combination of various sensors: an ion mobility spectrometer (IMS), a photo ionization detector (PID), two semiconductor gas sensors (MOS) and an electrochemical cell (EC). As a result, it not only enhances the ability to detect a wider range of compounds, but also improves the substance identification capability through combined evaluation of all sensors. With this capability it is a suitable detector for situations where no prior knowledge of leaking chemicals is available. With its simple method of operation the GDA-FR is used as a general detector, checking every second for potential chemical risks and informing the operator. The user is protected with the highest level of safety. The GDA is in use worldwide. It has been used to secure many public events as well as in counteracting chemical threats after accidents in industry or on transportation systems.

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