Dangerous Substances Solutions

Disinfection device for premises and vehicles

The effective tool to fight harmful viruses, bacteria and fungus contamination

Any contaminated room, vehicle or area is a considerable risk to human health and life.
Normal operation procedures can be disturbed and delayed because contaminated areas
may be temporarily inaccessible to humans without protection gear.

The AIR FOG CASE is a mobile and automatically operating disinfection tool that supports
the operator to get back to standard operating procedures as quickly as possible by
disinfecting areas that are contaminated by viruses, bacteria or fungus.
It supports chlorine based disinfectants, Hydrogen peroxide or acetic acids. This allows
maximum flexibility in combating the identified contamination effectually.
The AIR FOG CASE has been designed with highest ease of use and maximum utility in mind.
Little to no training is required to operate the device, the quick start guide and display
instructions are enough to start the disinfection procedure immediately.

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