Enrichment & Desorption Unit

Dangerous Substances Solutions

Trap & thermal desorption for air analysis with gas chromatographs

The EDU-GC is one instrument from the successful series of Trap and Thermal Desorption solutions from AIRSENSE optimized for operations with standard laboratory gas chromatographs.
The enrichment and desorption unit works fully automatically. Easy coupling to all gas chromatographs and to the different adsorbents make the EDU-GC a very flexible system.

This autonomous device is able to gather, desorb, inject and clean for multiple cycles automatically. Through the adsorption process it is possible to concentrate organic compounds or a range of analytes by separating them from common interfering substances. Depending on the parameters of analysis and the target substances it is possible to improve on detection limits to a certain extent.

An additional advantage for analysis with gas chromatographs is that common interfering compounds, like water in environmental probes, can be extracted almost completely from the sample. A number of variants of this unit are available.

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